Adding the Integration

How to add the Notion Charts integration to your workspace

Authorize the extension with Notion

By clicking on the “Add to Notion” button, a popup will appear prompting you to limit the integration’s accesses.

Permission Popup

Select all the pages you want the authorize the integartion to access

Page Permission Popup

Once completed, the popup will display your integration token.

Token display page

Save the token

Once you’ve authorized the exention with Notion, you’ll be presented with a token for the workspace. Copy and keep this token safe as you will need to put it in each url you request to have embedded.

Test the connection

  1. Go to the Notion workspace you’ve just authorized and create a new embed block.
  2. Enter the following url (making sure to replace <your-token> with the token you saved previously):<your-token>

Emebd block

  1. After a few seconds, the embed block should display information about your workspace

Connection Success